Shorter trends come and go, but the popularity of long hair goes on and on.

It’s not surprising that most women at some point in their lives yearn for long hair.

Plenty start the journey but fewer make it past the irritating in-between-styles phase. Fewer still see it through to the end and reach their optimum hair length.

Fortunately, whatever the length of your hair, or its growing stage, the UK’s only specialist long hair salon can give you all the guidance and encouragement you need. Uniquely we have the knowledge, dedicated expertise and patience to help you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy long hair.

we remove the split ends without losing the length, (sometimes called a dusting) hair from jaw length to knee length are all welcome at the salon we just help you create hair that is heaven to live with not hell to look after.

The Home of Long Hair Dusting since 1981.

Our motto is,

“If you have long hair we love you. If you want to grow it long, we help you!”

Make your appointment soon: you won’t look back. Leave that to others as they gaze at your long-haired loveliness.

now at Ozzie Rizzo salon 14 Hay Hill Mayfair W1J 8NR Tel 07885912212


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