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George Michael of Madison Avenue products have been developed specifically for shoulder length and longer hair in all climates.

Hair grows 6 inches a year and as your hair grows longer, you must start treating the ends and top layers like fine lace – the longer the hair, the older the ends.

The washing process

The order in which you use the George Michael products is unique, simple and the results are amazing. Neil will explain the method that’s appropriate for you.

One Hour Professional Treatment

The George Michael of Madison Avenue One Hour Professional Treatment restores the moisture in your hair and protects it from unnecessary breakage. This wonderful treatment repairs damage especially in the ends and the outer layers of your hair, making it silky, lustrous and tangle-free. The One Hour Professional Treatment is only available in affiliated George Michael of Madison Avenue salons and is recommended 2-4 times a year.

Cream Shampoo

George Michael of Madison Avenue Cream Shampoo is a mild shampoo developed for the special needs of long hair – for the every day use for normal to dry hair. The George Michael Cream Shampoo contains no detergents; instead the shampoo works with a special cleansing process that attracts the dirt to the shampoo; dissolves the oils, and gently washes them away upon rinsing.

Blue Shampoo

The George Michael Blue Shampoo is a super cleansing formula for oily, limp and very fine hair. When alternated with Cream Shampoo it will keep the hair clean and bouncy.

Hair is fibrous protein. Everything we put on it such as hair spray, mousse and serum, eventually builds up and coats the hair, making it lose the natural shine and fullness. Using Blue Shampoo removes the residue to cleanse and rebalance the fibrous structure, reviving the natural shine and fullness. Normal to dry hair needs the Blue Shampoo twice a month.

Extra Sensitive Shampoo

The same gentle ingredients as Cream Shampoo, but specially formulated without perfumes or artificial colours to avoid irritation or allergic reactions in extra sensitive types.


George Michael has developed two highly effective conditioners which were both formulated without perfume and artificial colour. They have been developed to correct over-dried, over-bleached or otherwise damaged and abused hair.

12-Minute Conditioner

The ends and outer layers of longer hair have a tendency to be dry because they are the oldest. The George Michael 12-Minute Conditioner is specially formulated to resolve these problem areas.

This deep conditioner should normally be used once or twice a month. It will leave your hair feeling silky smooth with lots of shine. In summer months, it is an effective way to protect the hair from the effects of salt water, when used on dry hair from the roots to the ends before swimming in the sea. It should also be used as a “pre-wash conditioner” before every shampoo, but on the dry ends of the hair only. When you use the 12- Minute Conditioner on dry hair, start your shampoo routine immediately – you do not follow the directions for the 12 Minute application.

60-Second Conditioner

An easy to use creamy liquid formula that protects the hair and adds moisture when used each week, and as part of a repairing programme.

Cream Rinse

The George Michael Cream Rinse is for all types of hair. It should be used sparingly with George Michael Cream Shampoo, Blue Shampoo and conditioners.

Always finish your shampooing or conditioning with Cream Rinse; it makes the hair shiny and manageable. The Cream Rinse is excellent for smoothing out tangles in long hair.

To protect your hair from the effects of chlorinated water, use it on dry hair from the roots to the ends before swimming in a pool.

INSTAR   Body Building Spray

Gives fullness to fine, limp and abused hair. This water-soluble spray can be used as a setting lotion and styling mousse as well as hairspray. As alcohol can be drying Instar doesn’t contain any. The proteins contained in this mild, building spray are closely related to the structure of your hair.