The concept

Dr George Michael was the renowned hair care expert and stylist of Madison Avenue , New York . He was a long hair specialist and an authority in the field of cosmetology and hairdressing. After detailed study and scientific research, he founded and developed a concept that keeps long hair in peak condition.

George Michael recognised Neil’s talents and mentored him, enabling Neil to perfect his skills and offer the system at his own Long Hair Clinic.

There are four key aspects that make the system unique and it encompasses every aspect of attaining and maintaining beautiful long hair, from the inside out.

It treats hair not as an expendable fashion accessory, but as an important extension of the individual – one that reflects a state of health and mind.

It recommends a specific hair care routine and the easy-to-follow steps really work! A remarkable improvement can be noticed in the hair after just a day of following the simple regime.

When you go to the Long Hair Clinic, you can look forward to experiencing a carefully structured combination of salon visits, a range of specifically prepared products. In between appointments, you’ll be encouraged to follow the highly effective home care programme.

In Neil’s words:

“The more you follow the concept, the more it works for you. It’s like anything from learning a language to going to a weight loss club: if you don’t practise the principles in between classes, you won’t achieve as much. If you do stick to it, the sky, or perhaps more appropriately, the floor, is the limit.”

For Appointments, emailĀ  or text 07885912212. now at Ozzie Rizzo Salon 14 Hay Hill Mayfair W1J 8NR Tel 0207 495 8070.

  • The Long Hair Clinic service is attentive, thorough and expert.
  • Neil will make it his first priority to understand your hair and your goals for it.
  • Once you are both agreed, he will advise you and develop a programme that is tailor-made to you and your hair.
  • Look forward to specialist shampooing and a massage
  • Practise how to comb and brush correctly
  • Explore the unique range of conditioners
  • Discover how to protect your hair from the rigours of daily life
  • Find out the most suitable cuts and styles for you
  • Learn to detect and prevent any problems associated with living with long hair.
  • Five to six visits per year to the salon are recommended, along with those products from the George Michael range that will enhance your hair. Rest assured, the results can be achieved without overloading your bathroom shelf with products.