Neil Ward is the calm and experienced owner of The Long Hair Clinic London. He is the guardian of many a famous and not so famous long-haired beauty from all over the UK and Europe .

Born into a hairdressing family in the northeast of England , Neil has always loved working with long hair. His gift for it became so obvious that other salons in the area would recommend their long haired clients to him.

He went south in the early 80s to Harrods where the first long hair clinic in the UK was founded. There Neil followed the teachings of Dr George Michael Selizki and successfully managed the clinic until moving to Fortnum and Mason in 1988.

After some years at Fortnum’s he opened The Long Hair Clinic on Maddox Street as an affiliated George Michael salon. in 2019 Neil moved to Ozzie Rizzo salon 14 Hay Hill W1J 8NR and continues to look after his many clients.

Neil offers a proven system of cutting, washing, maintenance and nutrition.

He explains the George Michael concept to new clients and encourages regular trims every couple of months: “it’s important to keep the hair as close to one length as possible because it helps the ends protect each other.”

His mastery includes a technique called “dusting”.( or recently called a Micro trim) This involves snipping the split ends and taking only a minimal amount from the length:usually just ¼ inch if the client is growing their hair and up to 2 inches if they’re not.

Hair is stretch tested to ascertain its moisture levels and if necessary, an 8 or 10-week programe of TLC is recommended for clients to follow at home.

Stick to the rules and you can see big improvements; hair that’s healthier, thicker and needs washing less often.

After that, the next salon appointment should be a deep conditioning treatment and trim. This gorgeous, pampering experience may take up to 3 hours, including specialist drying and styling, depending on the length of your hair.

Just relax, let Neil do the work on your fabulous follicles!

Talk to Neil and see how he can help you achieve the hair you truly want.

FOR APPOINTMENTS email or TEXT 07885912212.